Friday, November 10, 2006

Zum @ Salamanca

I dragged the family into Zum this week to see what this re-invented eatery was like. It's pleasant; beautifully decorated, and the designers have made good use of the long narrow space. The morning we ate there we were seated toward the back near the outdoor courtyard. The first thing that impressed me was the comfortable seats; seriously, they are fantastic. This is a rare phenomenon in the world of cafes, where spindly, rickety and uncomfortable seating seems to be the norm.

Our 2 yo madam declared her desire for a "baby-chino" loudly to the waitress, and we ordered our coffees also, before perusing the food menu. It was familiar territory in many ways - similar to the old Zum that was next door for years. Muesli, croissant, toast, eggs florentine, eggs with smoked slamon, big breakfast. Nothing ground-breaking. Wishing to feel virtuous, I ordered the bircher muesli. Big mistake. Maybe mine (?), but I was expecting oats and fruit in juice and yoghurt. Not oats in cream. Or rather, cream with a few oats tossed in for good measure. It sat untouched, as I'd seriously need to pay my overpaid personal trainer overtime to punish me for that choice.
Miss 2 yo had a ham and cheese croissant. Pleasant enough. Hubby enjoyed his eggs florentine on finnen while I simultaneouly managed to sulk and salivate. It looked great.

I did enjoy my coffee, but then again I had to, given that it's all I had to ingest. Hubby's latte was good too.

We were served efficiently by our waitress; a friendly girl who seemed to enjoy her job. She brought our drinks and meals speedily, water also when requested, and smiled indulgently while Miss 2yo proceeded to eat the sugar sachets.

I felt comfortable dining there with the children on board - the room is big enough to handle groups of all sizes and shapes, quiet and noisy. There's a highchair available upon request.

Look, to be honest, I think this place might be too polished for me. I can't really fault anything in particular (except the disgusting bircher) but it doesn't quite hit the spot the way some other cafes do. I can't explain why precisely, but despite beautiful surrounds, good food and coffee and friendly service, I'm not rushing to return. There were lots of movers and shakers eating breakfast with us: some politicians, some high profile media and real estate personalities, so obviously it's a place to be seen. Maybe I just like a more intimate space, and this place is reasonably large. Who knows?

Rated 6/10
Zum @ Salamanca


Anonymous said...

One of the delights of using bloglines is that it tells you when a new feed has come through from one of the sites you like to read. So you get it "hot off the press".
Great then to see two feeds from Nellie.
The bircher thing @zum is weird because North Hobart always has such a tasty looking bowl of it on display - I wonder how different the two will become under the 'franchise' sort of arrangement they have going.

PS if you don't allow anon comments, non-bloggers can't/won't comment. You can always delete ones you don't like - I do!

Nellie said...

hi kitty
i'm still learning about this blogging thing - i'll see if I can change the not allowing anon comments thingy.

Zelda said...

Keep it up...I've been wanting to try New Town Nursery. May drag the better half along there next weekend. If you want to go back in trackies and uggs I'll join you - my favourite garden designer is starting work there again next weekend...he lets me get away with anything.