Friday, April 20, 2007

Ticking over, just

Mmmm, I'm a little quiet of late, eh? No excuses except the usual: baby not sleeping at night, busy exhausting days trying to entertain 2 kidlets, gymming as much as possible (getting fit and losing weight, hooray!! 10kg so far) and cooking lots of meals. Oh yeah, and the house renovations, which continue slowly but surely.

Check out the "kitchen" now.

The little box in the corner is the walk-in pantry, and the rest is where the kitchen benches will go, obviously. Maybe 3 weeks until kitchen joinery is installed, yay!!!! It looks unreal (I've seen it at the workshop in Glenorchy) and I'm so excited about how large it's going to be. The rest of the house is coming together as well, slowly. Bathrooms and laundry are other main overhauls, but the entire place is being re-decorated generally, so it's a big job.

I haven't eaten out at all really, apart from a few breakfasts at Machine on a Sat morning and Lansdowne Cafe when I'm in the neighbourhood checking on the builders. I seem to be dining out vicariously through Mum (Rita), sadly, at the moment. I will remedy this soon, I hope.

Some highlights of the last few weeks:

  • soothing organic facial at Sharkra
  • running for 40 mins on the treadmill, and still feeling great
  • fitting into a pair of gorgeous black pants I bought 2 years ago which have always been too small to wear
  • Miss 2yo muttering "fucking Jesus" under her breath (funny, but quite shocking)
  • 5 consecutive hours sleep overnight on Wed evening (thanks Lewis sweetheart, Mumma loves you)
  • creamy yet amazingly low-fat mushroom soup I made
  • new white-goose-down king-sized doona for our bed

Thanks for listening.