Friday, January 26, 2007

Just for you, Sophie

Well, Ive been a slack old blogger so far this year, eh?

I don't know if it's just me, or whether my kids are just extra full-on, but by god they wear me out. I am so fatigued most of the time that any more than a passing peruse of a few fave blogs and sites online is impossible. I love reading Foodkitty's tales, and jealously imagine how different my life might be when my kids are teens also: a drive up to the shack at Swansea will be relaxing and spontaneous (instead of ridiculously stressful and involving days of planning and packing, vast quantities of kiddy snacks strewn all over the car, crying babies, loud Wiggles music blaring from the stereo..... you get the idea). Mr Nellie and I will go out for dinner sometimes (wow), we might catch a film, maybe even fly somewhere for a long weekend lying around on a warm beach. The stuff we did PK (pre-kids).

Miss 2yo spent the day today wearing only a Dorothy the Dinosaur necklace and 11 Wiggles bandaids plastered randomly around her little body. The only thing she ate all day was a single sausage. Master 8 months produced a poo of such epic proportions that it justified a dedicated load in the washing machine. These are the issues of my daily existence. It's simply that tragic.

I have been out for breakfast 3 times this year. Twice I went to Machine, which I have previously reviewed and which is my current fave. I went to Retro about 2 weeks ago and experienced the most disappointing breakfast; poached eggs with yolks rock-hard. Inedible. I should have said something, made a polite complaint, you know? I was so sad and disappointed that my hour of "me" time had been wasted on a pair of overcooked eggs. I should have just gone to Machine and ordered the Eggs Royale; I KNOW they will arrive perfectly cooked and the service will be friendly, the coffee good etc. Damn you , Retro.

Like most of Australia, I am committed to getting fitter and losing some weight this year (3 pregnancies in 4 years does not do wonders for one's figure, coupled with a fondness for all things tasty). To this end, I have upped my personal training sessions to 3 per week. This is just killing me at the moment; I have permanently sore and stiff glutes, quads, abs, etc etc The best thing is that my pelvic floor's become strong enough again that I can trust myself to cough and not totally embarrass myself.

What a rambling post. But I feel better now that I've actually written something for 2007. Cheers.