Wednesday, November 22, 2006

too much of a good thing?

I read today Georgie Weston's (Hobart Restaurant Bitch) description of an appalling breakfasting experience at Timeless Way cafe. It's been a very long time since I exposed myself to a bad breakfast when dining out; for me it's an escape from the tedium of housewifely and mothering duties, so I am very selective about where I go and tend to stick with known quantities rather than experimenting.

It gets me thinking though.... I really need to branch out a little, live life on the wild side. Go somewhere that extends me beyond the comfortable and predictable.

You see, I would never go to the Timeless Way. It looks like the kind of cafe my mother would run; not quite doily territory, but the owners likely dont drink coffee nor appreciate the benefits of free-range eggs etc. How do I know this, you might wonder, given that I've never ventured into the Timeless Way, nor met the proprietors? I just know, OK. I just make these assumptions based on vague observations such as the font type of the menu and exterior signage, whether devonshire teas feature on the menu and the sort of people you see sitting outside on the tables. All very scientific and that.

So given those limitations on where I choose to dine, how then can I push the envelope a little? Ought I select a cafe to breakfast in that is in a "cool" location but might be a bit Nanna-ish? (what's Say Cheese like, for example?). Maybe I should head further out into suburbia, and walk on the wild side in, um, Glenorchy/Rosny/Blackmans Bay?

It's all too much to contemplate. I'm not a risk-taker at the end of the day. Why should I deliberately sabotage a pleasant morning by eating in a cafe that does not care as much as I do about the finer things in life? Life's too short, as they say.


Anonymous said...

Typical Tasmanaian diner.....afraid of change and scared to try somewhere new. No wonder our produce goes elsewhere to be appreciated by foodies.

Nellie said...

Anon, if you'd bothered to read my previous post, you might be surprised to learn that I did indeed "try somewhere new".

The only thing I'm afraid of is mediocrity, and I choose not to patronise establishments that dish this up.

Our produce goes elsewhere because we demand too little.

foodkitty said...

well said miss nell. I made the mistake of eating at jam pack'd for lunch. the toughest bit of porterhouse steak in a dry 'sandwich' I've ever encountered.
I read the HRB blog, and did enjoy Stephen's comments about pepper grinders - he obviously felt passionate about it - but I agree with him totally.

Anonymous said...

Hey Nellie - that broadside swipe at your mother was a bit rough! You're talking about differences in generations here so of course you and your mum are going to appreciate the fact that "fine dining" in either person's language is individual and reasonably age-specific.

Anonymous said...

It dosn't suprise me that you had a tough steak at Jam Packed. Ever since they got that new pommie chef the food is bog-awful! I wont go there again until the owners come to their senses.

tassie_gal said...

Nellie - Dont bother coming out to Glenorchy way for brekky - AFAIK (and I live the wrong side of the flannel curtain) there is NOTHING out here.

foodkitty said...

Is that new(ish) place on Bellerive Quay open for brekkie - I have heard two rave reviews about the lunch there

Nellie said...

Dunno, kitty.
Bellerive, mmmmm, Eastern Shore?
Will investigate.