Sunday, November 05, 2006

Breakfast Ponderings and Breakfast Reviews

The world gets smaller and priorities alter when one is out of the workforce and at home with small children. Little things seem huge (baby hasn't done a poo for 5 days!!) and big things kind of pale in significance (tsunami...what tsunami??)

I have two ways I attempt to retain some feeling of being part of the Real World. The first is surfing the net; shopping, learning, and generally stickybeaking around the amazing phenomenon that is the Internet.

The second way I pretend I have a life is to go out for breakfast regularly. Sometimes it's just a coffee and toast. Sometimes the full catastrophe (eggs florentine with lots of sides, or a stack of sweet hotcakes). I am usually accompanied by at least one of my children (6 months and 24 months - FUN!) and often my dear husband. But despite these impediments, I feel human and in control of my life when I enter a cafe breezily, take a seat and joyfully ponder the prospects on the menu.

Breakfast is my meal of choice. Actually, it's my meal of necessity. Lunch is a rushed sandwich while the kids sleep upstairs, and the evenings are insane as anyone with a family will understand. By the time l'enfants are fed, bathed and snoring sweetly, all I want is a large glass of wine and a frothy magazine. And sleep, sweet sleep. Until Mr 6 months wakes for a feed at 11pm. And 2am. And 6am.

So, as you see, breakfast is looking good as a dining out experience for me right now.

I will have a think about what my review criteria might be, and then commence my dissection of what Hobart has to offer. Please feel free to make any suggestions in this regard.


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crello said...

This should become very usefull when I'm visiting Hobart, looking forward to future posts!