Sunday, November 05, 2006

Assessment Criteria for Breckie Reviews

After much thought (at least two minutes) I've narrowed the important stuff down to the following:

1. The food. Pretty obvious, really.
2. The coffee. Deserving of its own category, of course. I drink a long black generally, so can only comment on that style; hubbie is Mr Latte so I'll get his input on how the milk is treated.
3. The service. We all know that one's enjoyment can be enhanced or otherwise by efficiency and friendliness of staff.
4. The vibe. You know, the atmosphere, the buzz.
5. Family friendliness. This includes our four-legged friends. Not important for everyone, but vital for me. So there.

I'll award a rating out of 10 for each establishment. The rating will be weighted more heavily toward the quality of food and coffee, but will also take account of the other 3 factors.


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