Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Christmas Breakfast

My mind is turning to the insane day that is commonly known as Christmas. I won't go into any detail of my intense dislike of this time of year. Just know that I feel there is nothing redeeming about it whatsoever apart from providing an excuse to drink a lot of champagne (yeah yeah, I'm still breastfeeding. He can skip a feed or 2 now he's eating solids.) I don't even like receiving gifts, as it's generally just uncomfortable pretending to be thrilled with something you don't want or need. Just gimme the cash if you insist on parting with it, OK?

But I digress. Back to breakfast, woman.

My sister and her husband will join me, Mr Nellie, Miss 2 and Master 7mths for breckie. I have been happily salivating over cookbooks and food magazines looking for inspiration for what to present. And made the lazy-ass decision to do as little as possible.

I have convinced Mr Nellie to poach eggs (he's ace at this, and mum's giving me eggs born within the previous 24 hrs so v.fresh), and I will cook the toast and even butter it. I will also bake some friands (probably raspberry as I have 3 punnets ordered from Hill St Store which will need to be used somewhere). I have 2kg box of cherries ordered from Hill St too, so the obligatory bowl of cherries will sit as the table centrepiece. Mr Nellie, the aspiring barista, will man the KitchenAid coffee machine: (note to self: must get some fresh beans - Jasper free trade - from Hill St on Sun). And some fresh juice.

It probably won't score terribly well on the Breakfast Blog review criteria, but I don't care. I'll be relaxed, surrounded by those that matter the most to me, and hopefully wearing a nice piece of expensive new jewellery courtesy of the Man in Red.

Hope you all have a good one too. Ho Ho Ho.


foodkitty said...

Sounds very similar to what is happening chez Kitty, with mum and dad, and my sister and family. (except no decent coffee) The biggest challenge is persuading my dad that brunch doesn't start before 7 - in fact WON'T start until 10.30 no matter how many times he phones to ask if we are up yet!
See you at mine later Monday arvo -no start, no finish, just come and go on the sched that suits best :)

Nellie said...

Make sure your Dad doesn't eat a sneaky breckie before he gets to your place again!! How nice to have your sis down for Xmas too. Yay.

So not a sit-down food extravaganza this year, kitty? Sounds more a graze all day kind of affair? What time are you expecting the others, assuming they are coming over also?

And most importantly, am I bringing something? What do you want/need?


Anonymous said...

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foodkitty said...

Hey nellie
Where are you? If you are coastal, I feel all sunday brunchy coming on...interested?

Sophie said...

Nellie, to second foodkitty, where are you?? I am counting on you and people like Kitty and GG etc to keep me informed and salivating re. hobart's foodscene while i am chowing down the pho in Viet Nam! Hope all is ok!

Nellie said...

Soph, thanks for the kick up the butt.