Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Say Cheese(y)

It's 8am on a Sunday morning, and I'm on the prowl at Salamanca searching for a relaxing and sublime family breakfast. Time to wake up from that sweet dream, Nellie...... Miss 2yo is testing my patience and so are the cafe proprietors who don't open until 8.30 or (for gods sake) 9.00am: how very bloody civilised of them!!! I have been up since the crack of dawn, not by choice, and need coffee urgently.

The options are limited as follows:
Zum (very tempting, but already reviewed)
Banjos (not in the least tempting)
Salamanca Bakery (ditto)
Say Cheese (only barely tempting, and only because I'm so desperate)

So we wander in, and of course are the only patrons. Except for our new friend, the thumping great cheese fridge who kindly sings and hums for us at a delightful volume, successfully competing with Miss 2yo in being an utter annoyance and hindrance to relaxation. Hmmph.

The food was fine. I almost wanted it to be bad, but it wasn't. The menu is horrendous reading though, with all kinds of corny word plays best forgotten (and I have, sorry). And very confused. Is this a creperie? or a fromagerie? or a cafe?

Okay, so the ambience in this place is the equivalent of dining in the cafeteria at the Tax Office. Where do I start? The decor is harsh and the lighting fluorescent. Nothing works for me at all. Especially not the noisy cheese fridge sitting akwardly in the middle of the dining area. And why???? Why are they flogging average pre-packaged cheeses that you could purchase at the supermarket (or Salamanca Fruit Market round the corner?) If you're going to attempt to be a cheese specialist, put in a proper cheese room for gods sake. Hrmph.

Rated 2/10
Say Cheese, Salamanca Square


foodkitty said...

You are too kind; unless by saying the food is "fine" you are using it in the fourteen year old girl sense. "fine" as in, I really can't be bothered going into details or talking much to you but you'll probably hit me if I say "whateva" one more time today...

Nellie said...

Mmmm, I guess I meant it in the adolescent girl sense : like fine, like whatever.
Like, it was acceptable, OK?

Hey Kitty, how was the Party last evening? Headache gone? Or worse?