Thursday, December 14, 2006

Bloody Kids

I know there are some people who have been wondering why I'm so quiet atm - it's called chronic sleep deprivation, and is caused by my gorgeous but teething 7 month old baby boy. He (along with his hyper 2 year old sister) have determined that I shall not have the energy nor motivation to engage in anything resembling self-interest or pleasure for the past few weeks.

I will resume my reviews and banter as soon as I am able to stay up later than 7.30pm.

Merry Christmas all.


Sophie said...

Good morning Nellie

Can't agree more with all your comments re. Lansdowne. Love it. Can't get enough. Definitely worth the drive if you're not in the area, or great for a coffee break after battling Hill Street to get your Christmas goodies.

Merry Christmas; it will be lovely to have two little ones to open presents with this year. Looking forward to more posts in the new year, Sophie.

foodkitty said...

want to swap? (Small print : Offer only valid for tonight!!)

foodkitty said...

Barely alive after Saturday night - but the carpet has succumbed and died.
Starting to think Christmas-y thoughts...just,

wish you a good night's sleep :)