Friday, February 16, 2007


Finally got out for breckie again this morning; it's been a while sadly. I have finally conceded that my children are not at good ages for public eating sessions; it's too stressful. So I am restricted (even more) in when I can get out for a review. Plus I'm attempting to lose a few kilos, so over-consumption is not an option.

Anyhow, I remembered Kaos last night during Master 9 months' 3.00am feed, and hatched a plan to meet my sister there for a mid-morning nosh down. I've not been to Kaos for about 2 years, and that was lunch if I recall correctly. I'd heard some mixed feedback about the place, but went with an open mind.

I liked it. The new outdoor eating area is pleasant, if lacking in sun protection. We sat indoors as it was fiercely sunny and we didn't have hats or sunscreen with us. It was 10am and there were a few tables already ensconced - a few couples having coffee, some girls with prams, some singles reading papers.

The breakfast menu was simple but totally adequate: organic muesli, various toasts, waffles with sweet toppings, eggs a few ways. I was sorely tempted by the smashed avocado on rye with somethingorother, and also by the fried haloumi with roast tomatoes, rocket and somethingorother. But in order to review on a level playing field, opted for my usual : the poached eggs. Always a good indicator, I believe, of a great kitchen is an ability to poach to perfection. My sis ordered scrambled with mushies. A long black for yours truly and a chai latte for caffeine-averse sister.

My coffee was Strong. Too strong for me really, but there was no bitterness so I was able to still enjoy it. I just didn't order a second. The chai latte was apparently fantastic ("as good as Oomph's, which is the best" says sis). A requested bottle of water and 2 glasses failed to arrive until further prompting 20 mins later.

My poached eggs were faultless. Great toast. The only minor irritant was that they were served in a shallow bowl, a pet hate of mine as it hinders knife and fork action. The scrambled were disappointing though: my sister complained of them tasting greasy, so I offered to taste test. They were indeed over-oily, in fact buttery as hell. Now I love my butter as much as the next (overweight wo)man, but god knows what the cook was thinking when these eggs were being scrambled. A shame, really.

The service was good. Apart from the oversight with the water, we were visited several times by two friendly floor staff who wished to ensure our visit was pleasant. And indeed it was. The cafe feels a lot roomier now that there is an outdoor room adjacent, and I would not hesitate to take kids along (as long as it wasn't my own 2 feral creatures).

All up, I am eagerly anticipating another visit to a new favourite!!!

Kaos Cafe, Elizabeth St
Score: 7/10


foodkitty said...

Hi Nellie,
Will go and try to full breakfast there soon. we had brekkie at Express -the coconut toast as an experiment -very nice. I had coffee at Kaos in early jan and it was so STRONG I asked for a decaf for the second one and I never usually drink decaf.

(BTW Was there any lingering over the lingerie?)

foodkitty said...

ps - is the comment moderation because of some dickhead comments?

Nellie said...

Er, yes Kitty. A dickhead who despite my blog offending their sensibilities, could not stay away.

Dear Anon: I agree with you, my blog is unashamedly self-absorbed and trivial. Go away if you don't like what I have to say.

Sophie said...

Nellie girl, good to hear you're out and about and doing some reviewing. Just noted your profile which I hadn't seen before and loved it. I haven't made it out for Breakfast since being back in Tas, but have made it out for a couple of quick eats (fave risotto at T42 last night, vegetarian pizza at Sugo today) which were both great; but hanging out for a Machine breakfast soon! And please keep being "self-absorbed and trivial" - some of us love it!

Rita said...

Nellie, I ate at Kaos Wednesday night. It was pretty good, but chef amazed me by going out on the deck for a cigarette & coffee break, then returning to his post and immediately cooking and preparing the food without washing his hands. I know I'm pretty paranoid about the hand-washing thing but it DID gross me out.

Lonie Polony said...

I think you're right about poached eggs. I'm still traumatised by the worst I've ever had (and that includes my own variable cooking, and Mr. Lonie's sister's even worse efforts) and STILL paid for. Wedding anniversary in a couple of months, maybe I'll face my fears and try the poached eggs again if our tentative plans for a child-free 5-star breakfast come to fruition!

Food Kitty said...

Hi Nellie; you still in town?
The (relatively) new proprietor of Bar Italia told me that in addition to flogging his freshmade pasta at Hill St and the like, he was going to start opening for breakfast Mon-Fri from 7am - might be worth a try if/when he does..their chef is from Cafe metropole - never been there myself